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I provide free, one-on-one, tailored career advice for students interested in science, software, medicine, and entrepreneurship.
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Explore careers

Learn about the different careers available in the science, software, medicine, and entrepreneurship space

Gain perspective

Understand what it means to work in the career you are interested in before embarking on the journey

Achieve your goal

Once you decide what career you want to pursue, learn how to become an excellent candidate

Looking to give back

I am looking to coach individuals from traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds
Criteria for free advising are...

Early grade levels

Those who will benefit most will be freshman, sophomore, or juniors in High School or College/University

Disadvantaged background

I want to give back to those who are from low-income families whose parents have never attended college

Extremely motivated

I have your success in mind, but achieving the career you want will take effort on your part

A bit about me...

Hey there, my name is Kent!

My career has been an interesting rollercoaster ride that has allowed me to get an interesting perspective across several careers in different industries either through direct experience or through the friends I have met along the way. After completing my undergrad studies in Biophysics in San Diego, I have worked as both a researcher and a software engineer in the biotech industry. I debated between medicine or PhD for a while and eventually decided to pursue the PhD route. I then began my PhD studies in Biophysics at Stanford, where I also had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with medical entrepreneurism. I then decided to leave my PhD program and am now a Product Manager at Microsoft.

Having made several career changes, I wanted to give back to those with a similar background as myself. I grew up in a low-income family, where my mother was an insurance agent and my father a chef. Neither had any college experience. At the time, I thought that everyone had to figure their way out their careers themselves. However, looking back, I have been fortunate enough to have had some excellent mentors help me along the way. Now, I want to give back and help others who may be in the situation I was in when I was younger.

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