Building things that make every day better

This is not a website, it's a movement

😎 NiftyChat (Start here! Join the movement)

Where we chat about the future, coding, jobs, memes and answer questions. (Currently we use discord)

😜 NiftyReality

Prototype multitasking VR/AR running inside a browser making it easier to build and consume content. (Ask about it in chat)

🏒 NiftyHockeyLeague

Multiplayer hockey game. The year is 2049, global warming has destroyed the planet, the Toronto Maple Leafs are still trying to win the cup.

đŸ”Ģ NiftyFPS

Dead simple multiplayer online fps.

đŸŽŧ NiftyMusic

Create music with easy to use chords and scales.

🧠 NiftyInfo

Get answers to niche questions not found anywhere else.

🕹ī¸ NiftyGaming

Multiplayer and interactive games on the web! (Move: WASD, Camera: mouse, Reset: R)

✌ NiftyDash

Website aggregator that we use everyday to learn more and save time.